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Gas Cabinet


  • Better strength.
  • The best IP protection (IP-55).
  • Modularity for internal assembly. Doesn’t require more pre-engineering.
  • Air suction duct at top for disposal of gas leakages.
  • Width and depth adjustable cylinder mounting channels on a 25mm pitch.
  • Fire retardant & chemical resistant Polyurethane foamed D type gaskets (workability at 100ºC temperature) on doors.
  • Wire reinforced toughened glass fitted on doors with support channels (plated or powder coated) screwed on the doors.
  • Doors with hydraulic power closers keeps door normally closed with push to open single point lock.
  • Heavy 5.00mm thick unfolded plate used as bottom for more strength and easy cylinder placing inside cabinet.
  • Eye bolts are fitted in depth angles firmly welded to its body from front to back. Thus the mainly load is transferred to lifting hooks directly and not through panel body.

Standard sizes of the enclosures in this design:

Width Depth Height
400mm ~1500mm in pitch of 100mm.
  • Upto 600mm width single door, above sizes will have split doors.
400mm ~ 600mm in pitch of 50mm. 500mm ~ 2000mm in pitch of 100mm.

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