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Operator Pendant


  • Welded body with sides, top and bottom closed in 1.5/2.00 thk folded CRCA sheet.
  • Very strong and sturdy arm manufactured in 65x65 square tubes in 3.00 thick sheet.
  • Front single door in 2.00 thk CRCA sheet.
  • These types of enclosures are not suitable to join together, however if needed can join them.
  • As side walls are not removable, inter panel seperator is not required here.
  • Own manufactured swiveling thrust bearing with inner diameter 58mm for cable passing.
  • Polyethylene gasket on door and polyurethane foam on gland plate, both are fire retardant.

Standard sizes of the enclosures in this design:

Width Depth Height
300mm ~800mm in pitch of 100mm. 200mm ~ 600mm in pitch of 50mm. 300mm ~ 1200mm in pitch of 100mm.