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Modular MCC/PCC Enclosures


  • Better strength.
  • The best IP protection (IP-54).
  • Modularity for internal assembly. Doesn’t require more pre-engineering.
  • Punched holes having pitch of 12.5mm.
  • Depth and height adjustable mounting of component plate and horizontal / vertical partitions.
  • Fire retardant & chemical resistant Polyurethane foamed D type gaskets (workability at 100ºC temperature) on doors and covers for better IP protection.
  • Stronger support channels (plated or powder coated) screwed on the doors.
  • Universal mounting of doors and covers so that they can be interchanged or reverted,
  • Clamped and folded gland plates in parts for easy removing and fitting. Gland holes not necessary to decide earlier, can be drilled at site also.
  • Sheet metal folded base looks attractive with ease in grouting (Grouting holes visible). ISMC base also can be provided.
  • Detachable all the doors and covers facilitates faster interior assembly.
  • Easy and modular busbar mounting is provided in bus chambers.
  • Angular mounting of terminals provides spacious access.
  • Eye bolts are fitted in depth angles used for component plate mounting which are firmly welded to It’s body from front to back. Thus the mainly load is transferred to lifting hooks directly and no through panel body.

Standard sizes of the enclosures in this design:

Width Depth Height Base
300mm ~1200mm in pitch of 100mm. 300mm ~ 1200mm in pitch of 100mm. 800mm ~ 2200mm in pitch of 100mm. 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.