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PC Table/PC Console/Printer Table


  • Welded body with sides, top and bottom closed in 1.5/2.00 thk folded CRCA sheet.
  • Sturdy base is provided with side cable entry.
  • Front single door / split doors / partial doors in 2.00 thk CRCA sheet. With support frame, sheetmetal special hinges, cam locks and handles.
  • Gland plate at bottom in 2.00 thk CRCA.
  • Horizontal sliding tray is provided for CPU for easy access.
  • Sliding keyboard is provided for comfortable working when it is not in use.
  • Rear access is optional.
  • Anti vibration pads can be provided.
  • Polyethylene gasket on door and polyurethane foam on gland plate, both arefire retardant.
  • Can be manufactured in trapezoidal shape to form a circle.
  • Mounting plate at side for spice buster, MCB, terminals mounting.

Standard sizes of the enclosures in this design:

Width Depth Height Base
600mm ~800mm in pitch of 100mm. 500mm ~ 600mm in pitch of 50mm. Typically 750mm (Can be increased or decreased). Typically 75mm.